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Thanks to the enterprise of Mr. Fumagalli Giancarlo, in 1973 an individual company called "La Bottega dei Maestri Forgiatori" was born in Varese (north of Italy) specialising itself in the artistic handwork of wrought iron indoor lightings. After five years of activity the company started to employ some workers and to open itself to foreign markets, in particular to the Japanese one.


An intuition of Mr. Fumagalli lead the company to an evolution, creating an innovative outdoor lightings production system, consisting of a galvanized steel tube covered by resin material. After some years of experimentation and the setting-up of adeguate machineries, the product started to be appreciated all over the world.


Fumagalli family decides to turn the individual company into a limited company, going on with the manufacturing of "composite material" outdoor lighting fixtures. The articles range increased thanks to the creation of many new models and the production capacity was multiplied by the use of computerized machineries. The recent settlement in the new company seat had definitively made Fumagalli S.r.l a worldwide leading company in the manufacturing of resin material outdoor lightings.

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Fumagalli CARLO DR1 Out Door Light

SIZES: Diameter: Ø 155mm ; height: 800mm Diameter: Ø 155mm ; height: 400mm Diameter: Ø 155mm ; height: 250mm MATERIAL: resin (body), PMMA (diffuser) WIRING: LED, GU10 INSTALLATION: concrete foundation, spike, wall BODY COLOR: blackgreywhite DIFFUSER COLOR: clear IP55CEDouble Insulation Class IIUV TreatedAnti-shockTemperature +90 -60RecyclableTU
$60.28 $45.21

Fumagalli ESTER Door Light Full Fiber Body DS1.564.D1L

$54.80 $41.10

Fumagalli Garden Classic Outdoor Light IP55

SIZE: width: 260mm length: 227mm height: 410mm WEIGHT: 1300 gr CATEGORIES: Garden Classic - Medium BODY COLOR: black painted bronze painted green white DIFFUSER COLOR: opal transparent MATERIALS: PMMA (diffuser) Resin (body) WIRING: E27 LED INSTALLATION: wall hanging post top

URBAN CLASSIC Fumagalli Garden Outdoor Light IP 55

SIZE width: 350mm length: 305mm height: 530mm WEIGHT 3900 CATEGORIES Urban Classic - Large MATERIALS PMMA (diffuser) Resin (body) WIRING E27 LED high power LED INSTALLATION wall hanging post top مقاس العرض: 350 ملم الطول: 305 ملم الارتفاع: 530 ملم وزن 3900 فئات أوربان كلاسيك - كبير مواد PMMA (الناشر) الراتنج (الجسم) الأسلاك E27 LED LED عالي الطاقة تثبيت عمود معلق على الحائط

Fumagalli GU10 lamp | CCT Changing | Hight efficiency led lamp

Power: 6W Luminous flux (Φ total): 615 lm Colour temperature: 2700-4000K (CCT settable) Voltage: 100-240 V SIZE : Ø50mm x 58mm CATEGORIES : Lamps WIRING : GU10 الطاقة: 6 واط التدفق الضوئي (إجمالي Φ): 615 م درجة حرارة اللون: 2700-4000 كلفن (CCT قابل للضبط) الجهد: 100-240 فولت الحجم: Ø50 مم × 58 مم الفئات : مصابيح الأسلاك: GU10

Fumagalli Bollard Garden Outdoor Light

SIZE : width 240mm, depth 240mm, height 800mm WEIGHT : 1600 CATEGORIES : Bollards BODY COLOR : black grey white DIFFUSER COLOR : opal RETROILLUMINAZIONE : backlit blue backlit clear backlit green backlit orange backlit pink MATERIALS : Resin (body) WIRING : E27 E27 with sensor GX53 LED with sensor INSTALLATION : ground الحجم: العرض 240 ملم، العمق 240 ملم، الارتفاع 800 ملم الوزن : 1600 الفئات: الشمعات لون الجسم : أسود رمادي أبيض لون الناشر: أوبال إضاءة خلفية : الخلفية الزرقاء الخلفية واضحة الخلفية الخضراء الخلفية البرتقالية الخلفية الوردية المواد: الراتنج (الجسم) الأسلاك: E27 E27 مع مستشعر GX53 LED مع مستشعر التثبيت: الأرض
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