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Welcome to Toys world, kids of any age whether boy or girl will be excited about our toys collection. here we are introducing you to the leading brands in the toy industry such as Playgo, Classic World, Cayro, Plum, KidKraft, and Active Fun.

Here you can find, Action figures, Animals, Cars and radio-controlled, Construction Toys, Creative Toys, Dolls, Educational toys, Electronic toys, Executive toys, Food-related toys, Games, Model building, Physical, activity and dexterity, Puzzle/assembly, Science and optical, Sound toys, Spinning toys, and Wooden Toys.

A baby's growth depends heavily on the learning process. Children learn via play. Play, which is a great way to release tension, is essential for a baby's growth. When encouraging play-based learning in young children, learning toys are the most crucial instruments. By giving him baby learning toys, you might support the natural development of his senses. Telepathy is the best online store in Qatar having all kinds of baby educational toys. If you are for quality baby learning toys please visit our site and contact us for more details.

Babies lack differentiating sense for their first six months of life. On top of everything else, they struggle with weak hands, hazy hearing, and cloudy eyesight. The majority of these toys are made with a baby's development of sight, hearing, and touch in mind. As they play with these toys, your baby's senses will develop.

To encourage the growth of your baby with educational toys

To encourage the growth of newborns' eyesight, picture books, soft books, and soft toys in a range of colors and patterns are widely utilized. You can bring rattles, noisy toys, chimes, a CD of lullabies, or other things to aid with your baby's development of hearing. Baby learning toys can be anything, including textured toys, dolls, soft toys, balls, and also more, to help the development of a baby's sense of touch. Baby educational toys with high contrast patterns appear to pique their attention and appeal more to them. Your baby will also choose toys that move and produce sounds over toys that are stationary and silent.

Baby toys are portable

The best baby toys in Qatar are portable and widely available. A newborn may swiftly grasp anything to show how much he loves it. He likes to try, but he can’t keep it for very long. These toys improve his motor and visual abilities. Young babies might learn a lot from a musician. This tactic is the simplest way to maintain your child's attention and improve his listening skills. Music instruments and face paint are recommended. A wind chime is another lovely object that young kids could discover and enjoy. The chimes' calming tone will undoubtedly appeal to your youngster.

You may hang a set of windchimes from his crib or cot. When it moves in rhythm with the air currents in the room, it creates calming music. It promotes the development of your baby's hearing and eyesight. Undoubtedly, this will rotate above your child's crib as they soundly sleep.
A sensitive item, such as a softball or another soft toy, is the best baby learning toy for assisting your child's development of their sense of touch. It is his to use whatever he pleases. He could learn to value touch with the aid of these toys that chirp and trill.

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Active Fun 10ft trampoline with safety net and ladder


Active Fun 12ft trampoline with safety net and ladder


Active Fun 14ft trampoline with safety net and ladder


Active Fun 16ft trampoline with safety net and ladder


Active Fun 8ft trampoline with safety net and ladder


Apron Set


Baby Walker With Blocks


Balance Stacking Game


Bear Rattle


Bear Tower


Bear's Dominos


Blue Rainmaker





Set of 3 balls with a diameter of 3.8cm.


Inlaid set with 5 games, chess, draughts, backgammon, ludo and goose with wooden accessories




Mmmm, the honey´s delicious. Help Little Bear to take 5 pots of honey from the kitchen while Mummy Bear sleeps on her rocking chair. But be careful, because some noises could make Mummy Bear wake up and catch us.


Enjoy your Bingo games with this luxury set including a solid wooden board designed to display de wood balls coming out of the metal ball cage.


Tower game made entirely out of wood. Remove the blocks, which are not necessary for the stability of the tower and place them on top making it as high as possible, but be careful, if the tower falls down you lose. Presented in a recyclable cardboard box with a modern design.


Ability, a steady hand, and decision are the essential qualities, to win this natural wood board game.
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