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Shirin Asal

A story of sweetness and the taste of life since 1990. The delicious & sweet world of Shirin Asal Food Industrial Group started out in 1990 with a small pack of sandwich biscuits covered with chocolate. However, with the trust and loyalty shown by consumers in Iran and many countries around the world, Shirin Asal Food Industrial Group has continuously worked hard for the satisfaction and the good health of the consumers as the main asset to the company.

Shirin Asal, over its fast historical development from a small factory to the country s leading confectionery group, has demonstrated an enviable capability to adjust to an ever-changing external environment. Shirin Asal is the only fully integrated Iranian confectionery group that produces and markets high-quality cocoa, chocolates, and confectionery products selling and distributing to different consumer and customer segments in worldwide markets. Shirin Asal is the only fully vertically integrated confectionery group from the bean to the shelf as the Iranian market leader.

Shirin Asal's cost leadership and differentiated services are the drivers for growing much faster than the markets. Shirin Asal has a strong focus on quality and on innovation, about 50% of sales are from products developed over the last two years Shirin Asal`s cocoa bean collection network in Ivory Coast and the region offer protection against interruptions in raw material supplies.

Shirin Asal has more than 1000 products to cater to the many different customer needs and customer habits in different markets. To be able to continually meet their changing needs, Shirin Asal puts a strong focus on new product development. Shirin Asal food industrial Group is, due to its products quality and customer services and its policy of expansion and growth is well known in many countries in the world. Shirin Asal remains the cornerstone of the confectionery industry in Iran.

Shirin Asal is the clear-out post in a range of biscuits, cakes, chocolates, and confectionery not only for production, sales, and product range but also for distribution reaches. Innovation and renovation continue to be the lifeblood of the internal growth of Shirin Asal Group. Consumers are always seeking new concepts and experiences and it is Shirin Asal’s innovation that provides them.

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Albina Salty Stick Cracker 32 g (Pack of 12)


Compound Coated Biscuit with Banana Marmalade 25 g (Pack of 24)


Compound Coated Biscuit with Cherry Marmalade 25 g (Pack of 24)


Compound Coated Biscuit with Coconut Marmalade 25 g (Pack of 24)


Compound Coated Biscuit with Orange Marmalade 25 g (Pack of 24)


Hiss Milk Chocolate with Wafer (2 Fingers) 21g (Pack of 24)

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