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Infused with tart and fresh herbs, green smells, spices, and woody undertones, Al-Fares Eau de Parfum made in Italy which is available on Telepathy online store is a pleasant, refreshing scent that in our opinion it is more of a unisex fragrance that can be used by both men and women.

Sage, basil, and coriander, in harmony with the chilly lilies of the valley and lavender, sensitive orange flowers, and white-blooming jasmine, melt into a fading musk in the first part of the fragrance.

Ambergris, a few citrus hues, and sandals softly embrace you from the rest of the colors.

One of the major advantages of this type of oriental perfume is its compact size, which makes it easy to carry in even the tiniest purse or pocket. Perfume, on the other hand, can be applied with a ball in the bottle's cap. So that you may always have your favorite scent with you wherever you go.

Let us introduce you to the exclusive collection of Al-Fares Perfumes:

  1. Adham Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. Black color


Adham is a perfume with a scent that draws attention for its fragrance of spicy and fragrance of Fougere scent. The founding principles of this perfume are strong and magnificent – earnings top-notch praises for its accords. The heart note, which balances the fragrance's intricacy and delicacy with harmonies of lilies of the valley and grey amber, makes it even more ravishingly fascinating. Its delicious vanilla notes are damply fluffy and gentle, yet an intensifying black amber and sandalwood have always been agreeable to your nose.

The perfume is made from amazing ingredients including chamomile, leather, apricot, Artemisia, incense, vanilla, orris root, Amalfi lemon, musk, amber, and Virginia cedar.

2.      Al-Falahi Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. Cream color


One of the most popular perfume oils in the world. It is Inexpensive in terms of price; it does not sacrifice high quality. It is of high quality, exotic, longer-lasting, and free from alcohol.

Ingredients includesaffron, juniper berries, Chinese grapefruit, leather, black violet, Raspberry, Cashmeran, and vetiver.


3.      Asbah Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. White color

Indulge your senses with an innovative fragrance made of luxurious ingredients. The perfume is made of high-quality ingredients to complete its original formula.

The ingredients include Amalfi lemon and lavender notes, Cypriol oil Nagarmotha and sea notes, and lastly Amber and Pachouli.

4.      Asfar Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. Yellow color

At once chic, voluptuous, intense, and soft, Asfar Perfume lingers on the skin and enchants the senses. The perfume allows you to express every emotion. Its ingredients are, lemon, water notes, rose and sugar, vanilla, sugar, white musk, and cedar- shop perfumes in Qatar.


5.      Asha'al Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. Purple color

Fragrance notes include apricot and apricot blossom, vanilla, ylang-ylang, and jasmine, benzoin, resins, sandalwood, and mahogany. It is a Crisp, sweet, unisex, sensual, and seductive perfume.

6.      Ashghar Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. Brown color

Ashghar perfume presents a pure instinct alongside the power of emotion that can be expressed freely. The perfume has an aromatic fragrance with discovery in the olfactory world. Its scent comprises of Egyptian balsam, grapefruit, and damask rose, honeysuckle, vanilla, fruity notes, and musk, floral, musk, resins, and amber.


7.      Ash'hab Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. Silver color

All fragrances of the perfume are 100% original by their original designers. The fragrance is composed of cardamom, Vanilla, Praline, and Saffron making it ideal for all seasons enhancing your confidence.

8.      Azrag Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. Blue color

Fine fragrances containing a high dose of natural ingredients can be subject to slight variations. All scents in the perfume are authentic. Fragrances include Agarwood (oud), woody notes, sugar, labdanum, vanilla.


9.      Kumayt Perfume from Al-fares Exclusive Collection 100ml 80% vol. Red color

Kumayt perfume fragrance blends various influences to produce high quality, amber, and unique diffuse scent. Lemon, orange, bergamot, fruits, white musk, Madagascar vanilla, and amber are the main fragrances of the perfume.


Buying Al-fares perfumes and oud online through Telepathy online store with free delivery in Qatar makes your purchases easy, reduces expenses, and saves time.

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