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Buy Men's Polo Shirts online in Qatar

The Polo Shirt has become an essential part of men’s fashion and earned its status as a classic. Polo shirts are comfortable and versatile, which makes them great pieces to own. You can wear them for almost any occasion—they look good with jeans or dress pants.


Polo shirts were first introduced in the early 1900s. They were originally worn by members of the British Army and named after the game Polo. In that era, polo shirts were made out of cotton and had long sleeves. The collars were buttoned down to prevent them from flapping when people played polo on horses.


It was John E Brooks, the grandson of the founder of Brooks Brothers, who noted the potential of buttoned-down collars. He applied this look to Brooks Brothers dress shirts and labeled them “polo shirts”. The company still claims that their buttoned-down shirts were the original polo shirts.


Everyone must have at least some polo shirts in his wardrobe. Polo shirts are the most versatile shirts any man can own. It’s ideal for casual menswear or for cool weather, but how should it fit and what should it be made of? As well as where are the best places to buy them in Qatar from?


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